When it’s untethered, it always slowly drains its batteries – especially if there are images in the memory. You can’t possibly include an on-camera image display. Even daytime indoor shots commonly can’t be taken. Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs. Fiddling with the focus lets you get quite sharp pictures out of the PenCam for close-ups and for landscape shots.

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But if you want good looking pictures, as opposed to webcam quality, this product is not for you. Press the mode button once to select it, and then hold the shutter button for as many frames as you like. In continuous-video webcam mode, tethered to the computer, the PenCam aiptfk like any other ordinary Video For Windows input device. The camera then takes pictures as fast as aiptek pencam can, which is a penacm more than seven aiptek pencam per second for either resolution.

The Astracam’s an excellent piece of gear I review it herebut the aiptek pencam PenCam’s considerably smaller, and cheaper.

If you want to shoot video clips on the move, you use Continuous mode. You’ll want to use some other program to save aipptek in a more compressed format if you take a significant number of pictures. The Astracam can’t take seven pictures a second, but it can store 46 aiptek pencam shots aiptek pencam its built in memory, and its low light performance is excellent.

Review: Aiptek VGA PenCam Trio

The bad news is that actually getting the focus aiptek pencam is a big pain. There’s not even an off button – just leave the camera alone for 30 seconds in untethered mode, and it powers down. The two full-frame images are the by and by shots. Better not to waste the limited memory on lousy pictures at all.

It’s mm high by 32mm wide by 23mm deep aiptek pencam its largest points 4.

But if I tried to get in close, all I got aiptek pencam low-pitched error beeps. The image is as good as the high res mode as far as colour and distortion go, but every high-contrast edge is stair-stepped very noticeably. And it’s got 8Mb of built in memory, which gives it enough storage for 26 by pictures, or in its low-res by mode.

Which aiptek pencam be handy if you want less resolution and more zoom, but is otherwise of little use. aiptek pencam

Aiptek VGA PenCam Trio

The Manager aiptek pencam a simple “album” system to organise images aiptek pencam video clips. All of these limitations mean that the bargain basement end of the digicam market has never been the place to go for aiptek pencam that make it even to happy-snap quality. So it should aiptek pencam fine with Microsoft NetMeeting and pretty much any other Windows video package you care to name.

The tiny lens has a good depth of field, so you don’t have to be too anal about focussing, but there is absolutely no way to tell whether your focus is right or not without taking a picture and reviewing it. A quirky, but not awful, product, that’s what.

It’s not too ghastly. And you’re probably going to use a very dodgy little lens.

All of these cameras are, essentially, a webcam with some memory and a couple of batteries. The result is not pretty. The software bundle’s good, the user interface aiptek pencam simple, and it really is not much aiptek pencam than a couple of pens, side by side.

Aiptek International GmbH – PenCam Trio HD

There’s some basic image processing built into the Manager, and pnecam also works as aiptek pencam TWAIN driver, allowing you to import images directly into all sorts of applications. Which it didn’t, once I turned off the extra lights and went back to just the ceiling fixture. If aiptek pencam develop an enthusiasm for changing the PenCam’s focus, a couple of pen-dots on the focus ring to indicate what aiptek pencam should be uppermost for what setting could be an idea.

The PenCam’s attempt at the scene. You have to forget about expandable memory. And there’s no sound, because pencan no microphone in the PenCam.

Previous models Here’s my review of Aiptek’s earlier super-cheap digicams. It’s aiptek pencam pretty basic video editing package, but it’s still more than adequate for editing pendam you’re going to make with the PenCam.

The Aiptek’s low light performance is This goes for the self-timer mode as aiptek pencam, by the way – you can aiptek pencam that mode and set yourself up to be photographed, and then aipteek hear the low beep that tells you to try again, this time with a lamp pointed your way.