I’m afraid that you can’t do this unless you are using some additional external effects gear. Just add enough speakers, and you’re golden. Thanks for ur support though As you slowly push up the master fader is there no sound at all until a certain point and then it suddenly kicks in quite loud? Although the Mackie ProFX12 can be used as a stand-alone live sound mixer, it also features USB connectivity for expanded functionality. Any advice would be greatfully received Thanks Rob.

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Eg left to right the settings to be on. Thesis mixer eq used for USB input what is the best set up for it? Recording via USB shouldn’t make a huge difference to your sound so if what you’re hearing through your speakers is radically different from what you are recording then it sounds like there is a problem somewhere.

ProFXv2 Series

Gear that stands the test of time Ever walked into a venue to set up and been pointed to an old Mackie mixer in the corner, covered in years of smoke, dust, and bar goo? They offer all the right tools to get the msckie done well, sport the popular compact footprint that Mackie is known for, and are also the most budget-friendly of all the Mackie sound reinforcement mixers.

Your mic will plug into a mic input on any channel. In fact, someone from the band might have double-duty as “The Sound Guy” for the group. Hi Joe, finally got to check the desk, yes the master volume does work from zero all the way up, I think it’s just as we discussed before, that the vlz had much better preamps, and therefore a bigger sound.

When gigging, stream the output of your performance software or iTunes, for that matter into the ProFX12v2. Absolute tag cloud ableton audio interface avid daw focusrite guitar interface ipad Korg microphone musikmesse namm namm Native Instruments Novation review roland se electronics synth tc electronic. No problems at all Rob.

Mackie ProFX12 Channel Effects Mixer with USB

You know where I am if you think of any more questions in the future: How many channels do you need in total? Accessories From rackmounting kits to covers and more. Small, medium and large room reverbs with a mix of warm and bright characteristics puts your rpofx12 in the right space.

Not the 90s weekend kids show with the annoyingly catchy telephone jingle I’m afraid that you can’t do this unless you are using some additional external effects gear. Your digital piano will plug into 2 line inputs on any channel or over a combination of 2 channels for profx112 stereo sound. This is an extremely simple yet effective way of structuring the effects section, and it allows it to be housed within a small, unobtrusive section of the mixer.

Thanks for ur support though All the tools you need for great sound Versatility you may not have considered Gear that stands the test of time Record and stream via USB. Are these boxes still required with profx122 desk?? The Mackie ProFX12 offers fantastically clean sounds when used as a live mixer and this statement is backed up by numerous customer reviews across the internet.

In your case, you would be able to connect a guitar to the Hi-Z input on channel 1, your mics to channels 2 and 3 and then your keyboard to a stereo channel e. The ProFX12 has everything needed to make your gig sound great and is mackke easy to operate.

The second, third, and fourth channel strips all feature non-switchable line input jack connections with an insert connection and the fifth and sixth channel strips feature two mono line input connections each. If you perform with backing tracks, there are inputs including USB for your laptop or MP3 player, maclie headphone output with individual level control, and even phantom power for your condenser mics.

No only that, the impact-resistant sidecheeks are made of ultra-tough ABS, adding extra protection where it is most likely to fall In fact, the gear just keeps getting better.

Mackie PROFX12 12-channel Compact Effects Mixer With USB

We have discontinued this product permanently. It will only give you a mono signal but to be honest this may be what you want. Finally your stompbox will need to go through a DI box, which can convert your guitar signal to line level, allowing you to plug it into a line input on the desk.

Feel free to rate this blog and leave comments to let me and other readers know of your experiences with the Mackie ProFX12!

With solid steel chassis construction and super-tough ABS side protection, you’ll be playing mackiie your ProFX12v2 for years to come. From rackmounting kits to covers and more. All the tools you need for great sound Like the name says, the ProFX12v2 is a professional mixer, with convenient features and sound that rival some larger format mixers.