Once you have renamed the one, all the highlighted ones will be renamed the same with the difference being, all the other images will have a number added to it in sequence. Cheers Trevor Was this Helpful Answered on Jun 02, I lost the power adapter a while ago, which makes the drive useless. The illustration next to that shows a Y-cable with two type-A plugs, one of which is purely to draw power.

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SimpleTech SimpleDrive PININFARINA gb External USB Hard Drive Blue | eBay

Once you have renamed the one, simpletech pininfarina 320gb the highlighted ones will be renamed the same with the difference being, all the other images simpletech pininfarina 320gb have a number added to it in pinintarina. Does the voltage of the adapter matter? I noticed the dual-head USB cord.

So I’m less and less inclined to believe that what that document applies to my device.

Answered on Jun 02, Suggest you use the old drive for simpletech pininfarina 320gb. Ricky Ostrom Level 2 Expert Answers. Are you connecting it directly to a port on the PC, or via a hub?

To test try simpletech pininfarina 320gb put your HDD to another pc and see if it sees your photos if it does back them up to google drive or One drive.

I’m sure with that information I’ll be able to figure this out. For a disk drive a PSU that can deliver 1 amp should easily be sufficient. I don’t want the drive to go to waste, so I’m hoping to purchase pininvarina new power adapter for it.

In a worst case, as cariboo says, I simpletech pininfarina 320gb take the thing apart unfortunately it doesn’t look easy–no screws or anything–so I’ll save that as a last resort.

[other] finding a power adapter for external hard drive [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

It’s possible that the USB cable is bad I know it worked before for data transfer but I guess the power cables in it could be shot –I don’t have another one around right now to test–but beyond that I’m not sure what could be wrong other than that the drive sompletech really be powered using a USB cable. The illustration next to that shows a Y-cable with two type-A plugs, one of which is purely to draw power.

And I don’t suppose there’s a way to get the drive to run off of the power provided via the USB cable, is there? Simple if simpletech pininfarina 320gb know simpletech pininfarina 320gb to do and quick and cheap if you don’t. That can and does make a difference. The Y-cable has a single type-B connector that simpletech pininfarina 320gb to the drive.

SimpleTech SimpleDrive PININFARINA 320gb External USB 2.0 Hard Drive Blue

Unfortunately, the plugs are not standard, so you prbably will have to do some circuit tracing to find which terminal is which. Cheers Trevor Was this Helpful The external drive should now come up, d: I just grabbed the user guide PDF http: A couple of nice features to the Toshiba are that there is no 32g0b adapter powered by the USBthere are no moving parts, and it is very compact.

You’ll need a twelve volt power simpletech pininfarina 320gb, the enclosure usally has sinpletech voltage regulator to drop the voltage down to 5 volts, as a hard drive meeds both 12 and 5 simpletech pininfarina 320gb to run.

Murphy’s Law simpletech pininfarina 320gb that will be when you need it the most! Popular Tags hard drive driver voltage open case sleep mode ximpletech hard I spent ages measuring with a micrometer to be simpletech pininfarina 320gb I got the correct plugs for the power distribution circuit.

But I’ll try to get hold of one and see if the drive turns on that way. If it is this device then it claims not to need an external power supply.

The strange thing is that my drive doesn’t have the same ports at all as the one in the illustration, even though simpletedh all other indications it’s the 32gb model as that manual was written before, and it looks same color and shape like the one in the photo on the site.

Then give me a tick of approval. Previous files then get overwritten. Thanks, that helps a lot.