Firstly, probability values in the grid maps are modified for each sensor type using the following expression:. With Xtion PRO series, developers are offered more options and tools to develop their own applications. Field of view of the laser and the RGBD sensor. In particular, the Xtion Pro Live allows you to: You can create your own apps for business or for making people’s lives more convenient and intuitive. The main result of this paper is to show that the field of view of both sensors complements each other when creating an occupancy grid map for robot planning tasks. March 07, Citation:

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It offers an approach to some of the fundamental problems of sensor fusion: StagePresence utilizes both the video and depth-sensing technology of the Xtion PRO Live camera to create a virtual green-screen effect on any background, placing the user into their presentation or digital desktop content and recording and uploading the result online in as little as three mouse-clicks.

This can be attributed to the fact that, when fusing the laser map with the RGBD map, many accurate cells that are beyond the field of view of the laser map are taken into account. The RGBDlaser is taken as a true parameter vector to be compared with the other vectors. This fusion is used only as a result of the data fusion process and is not used for integration of individual measurements. Moreover, the experiments presented in this work were done using real data from an indoor environment.

This approach involves the combination of the Xtion Pro Live RGBD camera with the Hokuyo laser sensor data readings, which are interpreted by a probabilistic heuristic model that abstracts the beam into a ray casting to an occupied grid cell. I confirm that I am 16 years old or older. The Xtion Pro Live camera allows for the detection of movement without having to code complex algorithms.

Previous research on map building based on sensor fusion between laser range finder and cameras has been carried out. Let your imaginations and applications run wild!

Previous research on sensor data fusion has focused on different integration methods, i.

Detect hands movements Ppro full body movements Technical specifications of the Xtion Pro camera Sensor: It can clearly be seen that the desks, shelves and walls are well detected. The third grid presents the result of simple data fusion of laser data and RGBD data.

It differs from Euclidean distance in that it takes into account the correlations of the data set. Once the map has been created, modules for localization, path planning, obstacle avoidance and control can be applied in the hierarchical architecture of the robot, thus achieving full autonomy.

The fusion process for different sensors must be feasible under this internal representation. With this camera, you will be able to: There are a number of fields that could benefit from motion-based technology, such as education, medical, conferences, games and many more.

ASUS Xtion Pro Camera

It is based on correlations between random vectors. A unit has a value of 5 cm which is the size of a single cell in the grid. This approach can be suitable for cheap robot solutions, where the RGBD data detection can significantly improve the laser measurements.

Golf training system GURU has developed a series of golf training system, which combines full body 3D visualization with intuitive and interactive feedback for golf ,ive analysis.

Power up your applications! In this Figure, the frame that surrounds the map livve just place as a ornament and the door left down corner is close, however during the measurements, the door is open.

Map Building Based on a Xtion Pro Live RGBD and a Laser Sensors

Case Report Open Access. Microrobots E-Puck Kilobot Elisa Take advandate of the capabilities of this camera depth for your robot. This work has presented as the first experiments in the use of the BOF to fuse data obtained from stereo vision and laser sensors, on an intelligent vehicle platform. The BOF consists of a prediction phase and an estimate po.

More info Accessories The Xtion Pro Live camera for developers The Xtion Pro Life camera allows for the detection of movement without having to code complex algorithms.

ASUS Xtion Pro Live Camera

A new sensor reading, introduces additional information about the state ,ive the cell C i,j. The distance of use of the sensor is between 0. Poppy platform Poppy Humanoid Poppy Torso. It can be noticed that the laser has a wider field of view with respect to the RGBD; however the later gives a 3D field of view.

Figure 11d depicts the plot of the Mahalanobis distance from Figure 11c.